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Plus, you get the opportunity to talk to a tax expert and ask any questions you may have regarding qualifying for tax relief. Our tax consultation is non-obligational, and we offer it to everyone who qualifies through our tax relief survey.

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What to Expect From Your Free Tax Consultation

TaxWave is one of the nation’s top tax relief companies – and the fastest growing. Our innovative two-phase approach to tax relief, paired with in-house developed software, helped us achieve this status.

Our success would not be possible without the initial tax consultation. We pre-qualify our clients from the beginning by offering them realistic resolutions and giving them access to a free tax consultant.

During the Tax Consultation

The free tax consultation phone call is the first step in your journey to tax relief. During your consultation, a Resolution Officer will take the time to learn more about your current tax situation and verify if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program.

These questions will include:

your current tax debt amount (and if it is state or federal)

your monthly expenses and income

some basic information on any assets you may own (such as a house or a car)

Your assigned Resolution Officer will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding our process, the IRS, and tax relief.

While some smaller companies offer free tax lawyer consultations, our tax lawyers spend their entire day resolving tax debt with the IRS. Most of their effort is dedicated to rigorous negotiation with IRS examiners.

Your free tax consultation phone call will last approximately thirty minutes and is broken up into three parts:

01. Your Situation— The Resolution Officer will give you the opportunity to tell them how you ended up in tax debt, so that we have the proper perspective moving forward.

02. The Interview — We ask our questions to determine if you qualify for the Fresh Start Program.

03. Your Options — After we confirm whether you are a candidate for tax relief, we will map out the most likely tax relief scenarios and help you determine the next steps.

TaxWave realizes that your time is valuable. Our objective is always to be 100% upfront with you. If you don’t qualify, and our services are not the best option for your financial situation, we will tell you right away and help point you in the right direction.
TaxWave realizes that your time is valuable. Our objective is always to be 100% upfront with you. If you don’t qualify, and our services are not the best option for your financial situation, we will tell you right away and help point you in the right direction.

After Your Free Tax Consultation

If you qualify for the Fresh Start Program and choose to work with us, we will use the following process:

Discovery Phase, plus Analysis and Strategy: After your initial tax consultation, we will acquire all necessary documents to prepare your case for the best resolution possible. You will be assigned your very own TaxWave team, who will review the findings and create a strategy for your case.

Review and Advise: Before your TaxWave team files paperwork for the resolution, we will meet with you to share our findings and present our strategy for your approval.

Presentation, Negotiation, and Submission: Once you approve of our plan, we will prepare your case documents for presentation. Then, our experts will present your case to the IRS (or State) and negotiate until we achieve the best possible resolution. After your final approval of the resolution, we will submit the case on your behalf.

Compliance: Unlike other companies, TaxWave sets you up for success after our primary services are complete. By working with you and offering you tools to stay compliant, we’ll help you avoid accumulating tax debt again.

Throughout our process, you can talk to a tax expert if any questions should arise. To learn additional information about our services, read about our tax relief process.

What If You Don’t Qualify?

TaxWave requires that our clients owe at least $5,000 in tax debt and/or have unfiled back taxes. If you do not meet these criteria, our services would most likely cost you more money than you would end up saving.

TaxWave offers our tax consultation for free; that way, if you do not qualify, you won’t have wasted your money looking for free tax advice.

However, just because you don’t qualify doesn’t mean tax relief is automatically off the table. You can still reach out to the IRS and see what options are available to you.

Below are several resources you may find helpful on your journey to tax relief:

Contacting the IRS

Tax Relief Programs Information

What is the IRS Fresh Start Program?

As part of our free tax advice, your Resolution Officer will be able to explain in detail what the Fresh Start Program is and how we can help you navigate its complexities.

TaxWave offers tax relief for back taxes, unfiled tax years, and various other tax issues and penalties through the Fresh Start Program. With this program, we help our clients receive the best resolution possible.

The Fresh Start Program provides tax relief to taxpayers who owe more money than they will ever be able to repay to the IRS. Those who qualify can significantly reduce their federal tax debt. Under certain circumstances, they can achieve tax reductions of 90% or more.

There are four main programs available to taxpayers through the Fresh Start Program:

01. Installment Agreement  

02. Offer in Compromise

03. Currently Non-Collectible Status

04. Penalty Abatement

Read more about the Fresh Start Program to see what tax relief opportunities are available to taxpayers.

Does TaxWave Offer Tax Preparation?

Not only does TaxWave provide tax relief services for personal and business-related tax problems, but we also offer tax preparation.

Filing tax returns is a complex financial obligation that every American must complete, but TaxWave can bring you into compliance by filing your current and past returns for you.

Our CPAs will walk you through your tax return and help you complete any other required IRS forms.

How Much Will TaxWave’s Services Cost?

If you qualify for our program, your Resolution Officer will provide you with a quote for further services. Because each case is unique and case complexity varies, we cannot provide you with a quote until your free tax consultation.

Your Resolution Officer will quote you an estimated cost of your resolution during the initial tax consultation. However, we base the total cost on the findings from our discovery analysis. Due to this process, we attribute the fee that you paid for your discovery analysis to your total resolution fee.

Costs must be determined on a case-by-case basis. The primary factors considered in your total will be your tax liability situation, as well as the chosen relief program. Similarly, we understand that most of our clients are struggling financially, and we can work with you to create the most suitable payment plan.

Not everyone will be eligible for tax relief – that’s why our tax consultation is free and non-obligational. We won’t force you to use our service if you choose not to, and you will not be charged a fee merely for speaking with one of our representatives.

What If A Free Tax Consultation Phone Call Doesn’t Work For You?

TaxWave offers free tax consultation phone calls Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 5 PM PST. However, some taxpayers won’t be able to find thirty minutes in their busy day, let alone thirty minutes within our hours of operation. If you cannot complete your free tax consultation over the phone, we have Resolution Officers available to begin our process via email.

Your privacy is important to us; we recommend that you talk to a tax expert over the phone due to the sensitive nature of the information that we will discuss. For more information on this subject, please read our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Nevertheless, we can make exceptions for certain circumstances. Please let our Appointment Manager know which method of contact you would prefer, and we will connect you with the appropriate Resolution Officer for your tax consultation.

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