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The TaxWave

2-Phase Resolution Process


Discovery & Strategy

This preliminary phase starts with a free consultation to assess your financial situation. Then our team of certified professionals will analyze and prepare a resolution plan to present to the IRS on your behalf.

Average Time Frame: 24 hrs – 1 month



After IRS compliance has been established, we’ll bring you up to date on any and all tax returns. Next, your dedicated Case Manager and Tax Attorney will present your case to the IRS to achieve the best possible resolution.

Average Time Frame: 3-6 months

Our Services

Our Process

We’ve designed a two-phase process that allows you to confidently resolve your tax debt and find the best possible resolution.

Our tax professionals work with you every step of the way to make your journey to tax relief easy-to-navigate, transparent, and, most importantly, successful.

At TaxWave, our free, non-obligational tax consultation is the first step in our tax relief process.

The consultation provides us with all of the necessary information we will need to determine if: A. you qualify for our services and B. which tax relief method will work best for your situation. Additionally, our free tax consultation gives you – the taxpayer – the opportunity to ask questions.

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A Resolution is an arrangement with a tax agency that allows you to  (1) settle your tax debt for a reduced amount; (2) temporarily stop IRS collections; or (3) pay for your tax debt in installments over time. This is not an exhaustive list of possible resolutions. For more information, review the program options you may qualify for below.

We can help you determine if you should pursue tax resolution on your own or if you will need professional representation. Often, your chances of achieving the best resolution possible increase dramatically when you have a tax relief firm like TaxWave on your side.

When resolving any tax issue – knowing what you’re dealing with is most of the battle. To keep our clients informed and educated, we have written detailed explanations of the most common tax issues.

Learn more about your specific tax-related issue, how to move forward, and how TaxWave can help. 

There are actually several tax relief programs available for taxpayers.

Determining which program works best for you in your particular situation is no easy task – not considering the application and resolution process with the IRS.

Let TaxWave come alongside you through that process.

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